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Snowboard Binding Screws

This is a beneficial chance to get some new snowboard Binding hardware without paying shop price, these Screws and washers are snowboard Binding hardware 16 mm new.

Snowboard Binding Screw

This is a burton style snowboard Binding hardware 12 mm Screws washers, it is a quality hardware that will help you keep your snowboard in good condition and in good shape. This hardware is sure to help with your rising snowboarding skills and your overall Binding quality, this product is burton snowboard Binding hardware m6 mm for channel inserts 4 Screws 4 washers. This practical snowboard Binding screw was designed to increase the stability of your snowboard and ensure effortless control over your the ride, it includes two snowboard Binding Screws that can be placed in any direction and is fabricated of sturdy plastic for durability. These burton 3 d snowboard Binding mounting are new version of the same plates that have been being sold at snowboarding tournaments for the past few years, they are made out of 3 d material that helps to keep the Screws fast and the bolts are white for effortless identification. The plates come in two sizes - small and large - and each Screws with a self- tight Binding Screws with a self-tapping head, making a good fit for any body, the large Screws are the alternative to go for an individual searching for a big, take-no-prisonersmounting screw on board.